We are experts in the installation and repair of all kinds of flooring.

From decades of experience in carpet cleaning, we have developed an excellent understanding of floors from the inside out. We can take care of large and complex installations including multi-level residential installations and large-scale commercial floors such as public thoroughfares, mixed residential apartments or unique materials. If you want floors installed with little fuss, we have you covered.


Carpet Laying

Our team has had experience on numerous sites and types of Installations. From intricate shaped Carpet tiles with designer patterns to large rolled carpeted areas we enjoy the challenges that each environment and design brings and will complete the job to the highest level possible and your satisfaction.

Vinyl and Timber flooring

Vinyl and timber flooring are becoming more and more popular in commercial and government environments. In hospitals and health centres Vinyl flooring is an essential requirement to help maintain a healthy environment as well as being easy to clean. Timber flooring while having some similar aspects to vinyl flooring, is a creative alternative to spice up your space for the people who use it. Our team has a lot of experience in installing both of these types of flooring and will deliver the results you need.

Synthetic grass

With the concern of droughts and water shortages synthetic grass is becoming a common alternative to real grass, but also offers nice design alternatives in indoor environments. If you are looking to explore new ways of decorating your environment we can help you find what you need and lay it for you so that your space is ready.

Entrance mats

We can provide and install any entry mat that you need to make sure when people enter your space they are safe and ready to engage in with your people. Our team is ready to help you.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has many new uses particularly in environments where falling objects could cause damage to the area or injuries to people. Our experience in rubber flooring installations means we can provide you with the service and quality you need ready for you staff or your customers.