Tile and Grout Cleaning

Morgans Group has invested in the latest machinery to enable high pressure to be used indoors in controlled method.

The main floor tool has a rotating bar with a jet at each end, which is enclosed inside a cylindrical housing. The jets are off set to power the rotor once water is flowing through (similar to an outdoor sprinkler, only turned upside down). This creates a high pressure system confined to the inner walls of the cylindrical housing. The inner walls are surrounded by the external housing, leaving a small cavity in between. This cavity is where the suction extracts all the water and dirt with it. The waste is removed completely from the tile and taken away to the extraction machine where it runs through a filter and then directed down the sewerage system. The result is a fresh clean finish to the tiles and grout.

This system is ideal for domestic and commercial premises. It works fantastic in kitchens, dining areas, hallways, bar areas, restaurants; in fact anywhere there is tiled surfaces that receive high or consistent levels of use.

  • Free quote and inspection of tiled or hard surfaces area.
  • Pre inspection of tiles or hard surfaced area and to confirm discussion of initial quote. Discussion of areas that may have logistical challenges/hazards in setting up or in completing process.
  • Application of surfactants with mop.
  • Extraction of surfactants and soil using rotary high pressure vortex tool and vacuum.
  • Touching up and cleaning of corners and edges manually to finalise clean.
  • Final inspection with client.
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