When it comes to cleaning, we are here to help. Our cleaning services are the roots of our business and we have been providing them for more than 40 years. Our reputable team provide an attentive, dependable and detail oriented service.


Carpet Cleaning

We still offer one of the best known and most respected carpet cleaning services in Canberra. Our team of technicians have been professionally trained to asses and clean your carpet using either the hot water extraction method, commonly know as steam cleaning, or with Encapsulation, a low moisture clean. Our cleaning products have been chosen carefully to ensure the highest quality of results are achieved and in keeping with Australian environmental standards.

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Tiles & Grout

We have the technology to give your tiles a thorough high pressure clean, removing deep layers of dirt and restoring them to their original bright appearance. Using a high pressure vortex water extraction method and specialised cleaning products we are able to tackle the heaviest of soiling that gets trapped both in the grout and in the surface of your tiles.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Morgans Group started cleaning upholstery around the same time the business started up in Canberra and continues to deliver the quality results using either how water extraction or the dryer encapsulation method. We tackle most fabrics including leather and can advise you on how to best take care of your post clean so that you get the best out of your furniture.

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Gutters & Windows

We understand that windows and gutters can be difficult to reach. Our qualified staff are experienced and can safely navigate your windows and roof to provide a meticulous clean. Every house or apartment has its challenges in regards to gutters and windows, so we will send out one of our professionals to assess your premises and plan how we can best provide you with services you need.

Damage Restoration

Morgans Group has had years of experience helping deal with those unfortunate accidents or natural circumstances that sometimes put a hold on your daily living or the running of a business. If a pipe bursts we can come to you and extract the water from your premises, dry your carpet and treat carpet with anti-microbial agents to make your place safe. In the case of fire damage we will come and clean, treat the effected area with a specialised ozone machine so the your environment is safe and ready to be repaired for living again.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Morgan’s Group can clean your Air-Conditioner, internal evaporator split system and external condenser. We can also take care of your ducted system cleaning and sanitising needs. Split systems (i.e. heating and cooling units) require regular cleaning to operate at maximum efficiency and provide a healthier indoor air quality. We recommend having these professionally cleaned and sanitised every 6 - 8 months. Regular cleaning allows the unit to operate more efficiently and will also have significant health benefits to improve the indoor air quality for you and your family.

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