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Hi Chris,   Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the restoration and cleaning job on the carpets and tiles earlier this week.  You and Brody did a fantastic job and thanks in particular to Brody for sticking to the task all day.  I know it wasn't easy!  I have always used Morgans and will continue to do so as you guys are thorough, dedicated, friendly and totally professional.   Thanks again!   Gary Luck    


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express our congratulations and thanks for the truly excellent service you have provided to us in our first month in Canberra.  From the outset of our dealings with your company the customer service has been entirely professional from office confirmation of appointments, through to routine cleaning services and finally to emergency response actions when I flooded our upstairs bathroom. Simon, who attended to our full house carpet and tile cleaning last month, was the ultimate professional from start to finish.  He arrived exactly on time, completed the job efficiently and thoroughly, was always polite and took great care not to damage our newly painted skirtings.  We couldn’t have asked for better service. Then, two weeks ago when I flooded the bathroom on a Saturday afternoon the office staff arranged a call out within an hour to remove the water and set up the blowers.  Again the serviceman could not have been more helpful. Subsequent visits to remove the blowers, re-lay the carpet and re-clean the carpet were arranged and conducted all with equal professionalism. Morgans should be very proud of its employees and its product.  It is rare to find excellence in the service industry these days.  You have achieved it and are no doubt proud of it. We wanted to express our sincere thanks and will recommend Morgans without hesitation to our associates and friends. Yours Sincerely Jo Derrick

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To Whom it may concern, After asking around about good carpet cleaners I was referred to Morgans Group with the direct quote, "The carpet looked better than new". Not wanting to tire myself out looking, and finding this to be a useful piece of information, I organised to have our carpets cleaned on Thursday afternoon. The carpets were awful. Stained with alcohol and god knows what else thanks to some untrained monkeys getting loose in the house (I'm informed they were my housemates but I'm no carpet-forensic-scientist so I can't be sure). I'd given up. Resigned myself to a sharehouse of bitterness, sobbing and sitting alone in my room where the carpets still suck but to a lesser extent. Cue Lenny. Not all heroes wear capes. Lenny is the tits. Lenny is the goddamn bees knees. Lenny is a magician; the Houdini of carpet stains. He's the twist-top beer when you don't have an opener. He's the moment when you get back to your car and don't have a parking ticket. The try and conversion when Australia's losing to the All Blacks. The bearded personification of winning a game of Uno. Sensei of fabric-tread surface laundering. Master of his art and a fecking great guy. Total champion. We were so thrilled with the cleaning job we didn't want to put our furniture back (for the 24 hours as advised). I am not normally a writer of reviews/feedback, but holy shit does that job deserve one. Cannot express how so happy we were with the cleaning. Excellent job and the coolest guy out. Will definitely recommend to people in the future - even if they don't ask. 10/10 cleaning 10/10 customer service Thanks a million. Clare

CLARE – HAPPY HOUSEHOLDER http://example.com

Dear Morgan's Group, I have never been so happy and grateful as I am right now to a company Morgan's. Thank you so much Morgan's Group for the superb job of cleaning my expensive carpet throughout the home of animal and outdoor mud stains. I have had three carpet cleaning companies coming through over the past 19 months to clean the carpets, each one failing miserably without success after many attempts to get the carpet clean. In desperation I was going through the Yellow Pages when I heard the jingle on the television "Morgan's clean as a whistle" without haste I picked up the phone and rang the number, receiving a quick response and a firm quotation - I am now looking at my "new" carpet without a water mark or stain to be seen. Thank you again Morgan's Group, Irina Hunt.    


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Pearl is an Owners Corporation registered in 2010 under ACT Legislation as Units Plan 3487. This A Class development, comprising 45 residential and 15 commercial units in four separate buildings, is located at Kingston Foreshore, ACT. In addition to cleaning of common areas, Pearl’s Cleaning Scope of Works (QA document) includes managing its Garbage Clearance and Hopper Rotation Model (QA document) - a demanding job for any cleaning contactor who seeks to meet the high standards befitting such a quality development. Morgans Group has been Pearl’s Cleaning Contractor since December 2012. During this time, Morgans has never missed a day of service, and has always been flexible when it comes to cleaning time changes or extra duties. I am continually impressed by Morgan’s approach to customer service, and the fact that they take the time to routinely monitor the standard of service being delivered by their staff. Morgans staff are extremely polite and diligent and, most importantly, there are always swift and positive outcomes to matters raised from time to time. Pearl’s Executive Committee is happy to recommend Morgans Group to a similar development requiring good customer service for a high quality outcome.

Barbara Button EC Secretary UP3487 PEARL APARTMENTS KINGSTON FORESHORE http://example.com


The Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities wish to verify that Morgans Carpet Cleaning have been our official cleaners since April 1989, when our new Chancery was opened. During this time, Morgans have displayed a willingness to comply with the various tasks called upon them. Their workmanship and expertise is of the highest standard and as a result of this the Delegation has relied more and more on Morgans for handling other maintenance requirements. The Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities would have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Morgans Carpet Cleaning as a firm that anyone requiring cleaning .


To Whom it may concern

We have had a contract with the Morgans Group for the daily office cleaning of the Chancery since July 2004. We have been pleased to periodically renew the contract since then because of the very professional, yet personal service they provide. We have been fortunate to have been allocated one of their longest term employees who is now literally regarded, as "one of our staff'. Like many of the Morgans' employees, he takes great personal pride in his work and often provides us with services outside the contract. Although not required, Morgans' supervisory staff periodically perform quality control inspection of our Chancery to ensure it is cleaned to their high standards. On the off occasions that our dedicated employee might be absent, Morgans' management give us advance notice of this and are always willing to provide a temporary replacement for him. This confirms our impression that Morgans is indeed a very professional company. We certainly have no hesitation in recommending the Morgans Group to other organisations requiring a high standard of office cleanliness.



It is now just two weeks since we had the flooding disaster at our residence due to the failure of a $15 plastic component in the dishwasher. As you know we were having a wedding on the next Saturday and were expecting guests to arrive all through that week. Christine and 1 were initially overwhelmed by the problems posed but were rapidly calmed by the very professional approach of you and your team. We were impressed by the efficiency of the arrangements to move the furniture, lift the carpets and remove the underlay and commence the drying process. Vince and all the other personnel we met were pleasant and obviously knew what they were about. The fact that you were aware of our wedding arrangements and organised the process so that we were back to normal on Friday afternoon was greatly appreciated. Our son and his wife out from England who were there when it all happened were amazed at the Australian approach as exemplified by this episode as they stated that in England such a response would be very rare. The wedding was a great success and thanks to the wonderful efforts of your team, Christine and 1 were able to enjoy the occasion. Thank you for your organization of this recovery effort and congratulations on having such a wonderful team. Could you kindly pass the personal thanks of Christine and myself to the staff who were involved for an impressive effort.