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It is now just two weeks since we had the flooding disaster at our residence due to the failure of a $15 plastic component in the dishwasher. As you know we were having a wedding on the next Saturday and were expecting guests to arrive all through that week. Christine and 1 were initially overwhelmed by the problems posed but were rapidly calmed by the very professional approach of you and your team.

We were impressed by the efficiency of the arrangements to move the furniture, lift the carpets and remove the underlay and commence the drying process. Vince and all the other personnel we met were pleasant and obviously knew what they were about. The fact that you were aware of our wedding arrangements and organised the process so that we were back to normal on Friday afternoon was greatly appreciated.

Our son and his wife out from England who were there when it all happened were amazed at the Australian approach as exemplified by this episode as they stated that in England such a response would be very rare. The wedding was a great success and thanks to the wonderful efforts of your team, Christine and 1 were able to enjoy the occasion.

Thank you for your organization of this recovery effort and congratulations on having such a wonderful team. Could you kindly pass the personal thanks of Christine and myself to the staff who were involved for an impressive effort.