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Carpet Flooring

Carpet Supply and Installation

Morgans Group supplies and installs new carpet into homes or businesses and sources materials from the majority of the major carpet suppliers at very competitive prices.

Our experienced sales staff have all had long careers in the carpet cleaning industry so clients are assured that our recommendations are suited to their environment provide best value for money and, with regular maintenance, maximum longevity of the carpet. Our office includes a small show room of carpet types and, by appointment our customers are welcome to browse through the samples. We are also able to visit sites and, if clients know their preferred style, we can bring a selected range of samples for consideration.


Which Carpet is Best for Me?

The best carpet is different for everyone because everyone has different lifestyles. When talking to Morgans about your new carpet, things to think about, which can influence your
choice, include:

• Does the area see a lot of traffic e.g. do you spend a lot of time home or is your office frequented by lots of people moving around?

• Is there a large risk of staining from food, drinks, mud, or other spillages?

• Will the area have pets on it?

• Are you aiming for a certain look or style?

• What is your budget? How much do you wish to spend?


Carpet Laying and Repairs

Morgans Group boasts a fully qualified Carpet Laying team, who have been installing carpets in the Canberra region for over 40 Years. Morgans Group team have become known around Canberra for their uncanny ability to match patterns in carpets and carry out repairs that are invisible to even the sharpest of eyes.


Repair or Replace
Restoration cleaning and carpet repairs can often prolong the life of the carpet and keep it looking great for many years. Over time, carpets become stained and stretched and, without proper repairs, can prematurely wear. Our services can help keep your carpets looking their best for longer. Find out more about our carpet services by contacting our office to arrange an obligation free quotation.


Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining carpet is not just limited to regular vacuuming. Vacuuming is just one-step in a range of maintenance tasks that can keep your carpet looking great and lasting longer.


Carpet Supply, Installation, Repairs & Relays

Regular spot, professional cleaning, along with minor repairs, which will dramatically increase the life of the carpet and can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a major replacement. Followed correctly, our advice will keep your carpets looking great and smelling fresh for a long time.


Do I need New carpet?

Although proper maintenance can dramatically extend the life of your carpet, every carpet that sees regular use will need to be replaced eventually.


Most carpets come with a stain resistant finish, but over time, even with regular and proper maintenance and cleaning, the treatment fades and eventually leaves the carpet unprotected.


Matted carpet, tears, and significant wear on the main walkways are major signs your carpet needs to be replaced


If you own a pet, or haven’t cleaned in a while, you may notice a lingering smell on your carpet even after a proper cleaning. Carpet cleaning can help but you may need to replace the carpet to be truly satisfied.


Carpet padding is like the pillow under the case, the carpet is nothing but a layer of fabric without the padding. It helps support the carpet, working as a foundation, and making it comfortable to walk and lay on. It buffers sounds, keeps a room quieter, and even improves insulation. Signs of ageing padding include unevenness, wrinkles, and a crinkling sound when someone walks over it.


Often, older carpets catch and retain more allergens, and particulate matter, which may cause your allergies to act up. If you notice an increase in allergies then one source may be your
old carpet. Are you still using the 1970s carpet that came with your house? New carpet can completely transform a room and make it feel brand new again. Combine new carpet with some redecorating and it will feel like you’ve had a whole new room added to your house!


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