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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Morgans Group offer contract window cleaning for both the commercial and domestic market. Our window cleaning staff are appropriately qualified to operate elevated work platforms and machinery such as boom and scissor lifts.

No matter how difficult the application, clients can be assured that we are able to complete most window cleaning jobs throughout the Canberra region. Our window cleaning services include:

  • residential and commercial;
  • internal and external windows;
  • cleaning of screens and tracks;
  • removal of cobwebs around window sills;
  • difficult to access windows; and
  • multi-story buildings.

What Makes Windows Dirty?

People often think that the rain can make your windows dirty but this is not the case. That’s not true, in fact the rain will not dirty your windows, if anything it will actually help clean them. Sometimes it looks like the rain makes your windows dirtier, but this is because of the dust and grime that is actually on the windows in the first place.

The main reasons windows become dirty is because of:

  • pollen and dust;
  • bird and insect droppings; and
  • soot and exhaust fumes from traffic.

If these are present on the glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attaches itself to the dirt and often makes the windows look worse. So if the windows have recently been cleaned, then the rain will simply run off the clean glass and the windows continue to remain clean.

Inside your building, airborne dirt and dust from heating and cooling systems, fingerprints, pet smudges and cooking residue all collect on your window surfaces and form a hazy layer.

How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

Most clients require their windows cleaned every 3 – 6 months. However, this can vary depending on many factors, such as traffic pollution or if there are a lot of little children or pets putting dirty hands or paws on the glass, etc. Any windows near places of high volumes of cooking may also require more regular cleaning.

Find out more about our window cleaning service by contacting our office to arrange an obligation free quotation.


As you can imagine, cleaning windows can sometimes place our workers in situations of heightened risk. That’s why you can rest assured that not only do we have all the necessary insurances but all our Window Cleaners have obtained the construction industry OH&S White Card and have undergone asbestos awareness training which allows us to carry out major work on construction sites.

The White Card provides our workers with the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry as well as information about preventing workplace injury and illness, workplace injury management. It also provides them knowledge about the law, common hazards and how to control the risks.

All of this ensures that our Window Cleaners can come and safely clean your windows in the safest manner possible.

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