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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Our qualified Upholstery Cleaning Technicians can professionally clean all upholstery covered in fabric including lounge suites, dining chairs and mattresses.

Just like carpet cleaning, it is important to have upholstery cleaned on a regular basis to prolong the piece’s life and keep it looking clean and fresh. Whether it be steam cleaning, or our new sustainable low-moisture cleaning solution, our Upholstery Cleaning Technicians will choose the best method of cleaning for the best results possible. Using these methods we are able to clean all fabric types ranging from micro-suede to wool and even those delicate silks.

Once cleaned, the fabric is groomed to give the upholstery a uniformed finish.

Following the cleaning process, it is recommended that upholstery is protected so as to aid in the removal of spills, soils and general oily build-ups from skin and hair.

Upholstery Protection

Morgans Group use and fully recommend the following upholstery protectors;

Advance Teflon® Upholstery Protection by DuPont; and

Bio Defense Healthy Solutions by Great Southern Coatings

Advance Teflon® Upholstery Protection – By DuPont

Advance Teflon® upholstery protection can help provide easy clean upholstery and help pieces look new for longer. It also provides the opportunity to avoid unsightly stains from everyday living.

Advance Teflon® makes all upholstery fibres significantly more resistant to both oil and water based agents – wet or dry. It resists more acid dyes contained in many common foods and beverages (excluding spills containing excessive acid dyes or natural colourings e.g. mustard, herbal tea, curry etc).

Advance Teflon® provides a 1-2 year warranty against minor spills, dirt and wear and is a minor cost on the investment by providing maximum useful upholstery life.

Bio Defense Healthy Solutions – By Great Souther Coatings

Bio Defense is 100% Australian owned and made. It provides an effective and durable anti-microbial coating for furnishings such as fabrics, carpets and curtains. It is also 100% environmentally friendly and personally safe (once dried and cured).

Bio Defense safeguards against all bacteria, fungi, yeast and their spores which may come into contact with furnishings. It destroys microbial cells by piercing the cell quickly and efficiently upon contact with the coatings. As a result, it eliminates all odours associated with such microbes, leaving a fresher and healthier environment.

Bio Defense, when professionally applied, will bond with and coat individual fibres. University testing has proven that the coating remains active, even after multiple washes, against years. The same testing has proven that, even after repeated washes, the coating will also not be removed.

Furnishings treated with Bio Defense are rendered uninhabitable for dust mites and other microbes. These, when unhindered, can lead to infections, allergies and other reactions such as asthma, hay fever, rhinitis and eczema.

The Sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays cause premature fading and textile breakdown of fabrics, carpets and curtains. Bio Defence will reduce the visible ageing of furnishings by inhibiting the harmful effects of the Sun’s UV rays in the same fashion as an SPF sunscreen.

The rate of UV fade and damage of each textile is directly related to the manufacturer’s quality of dyes and textiles chosen. Bio Defence will always decrease the rate of fade and damage regardless of the materials and processes used by the manufacturer.

Some lights can also cause photo bleaching of fabrics and carpets and this will inevitably lead to colour fade for those textiles. Fixed position lights obviously beam directly onto the same piece of furnishing every time they are switched on. Bio Defense protects your textiles against photo bleaching and therefore against colour fade and damage, both day and night.

By reducing the damaging effects of UV rays, and because Bio Defense protectors bind to individual fibres, textiles will last longer because of the protective coat around the fibres. Carpet and other textiles will also feel softer due to this protective shield.

Electric shocks can be uncomfortable yet with Bio Defense’s effective antistatic protection, on your carpets and upholsteries, they can be alleviated. Find out more about our upholstery service by contacting our office to arrange an obligation free quotation.