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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are you finding it difficult to keep your tiles and grout in pristine condition? If the answer is yes, then you need to contact Morgans Group tile and grout cleaning division.

Conventional tile cleaning using a mop and bucket is simply not efficient these days as the tiles are more porous than ever before, while this is great for slip resistance, it is simply a nightmare for trying to keep you tiles looking bright and clean. Mopping simply takes the dirt off the top of the tile, however deep in the pores of the tile the dirt remains giving a dirty look which mopping will not remove.

That’s where Morgans Group tile and grout cleaning comes in to play; we have just invested in the newest and most efficient system to clean tiled surfaces. The system combines high pressure hot water with powerful suction allowing us to completely control the water used for the cleaning process. This means that as the in-ground dirt is being cleaned with high pressure, it is also being extracted removing it from the pores of the tile and because of the extraction it makes it suitable for indoor use as there is no over spray to affect your furniture or walls.


So how exactly does it work?

Morgans Group has invested in the latest machinery to enable high pressure to be used indoors in controlled method.

The main floor tool has a rotating bar with a jet at each end, which is enclosed inside a cylindrical housing. The jets are off set to power the rotor once water is flowing through (similar to an outdoor sprinkler, only turned upside down). This creates a high pressure system confined to the inner walls of the cylindrical housing. The inner walls are surrounded by the external housing, leaving a small cavity in between. This cavity is where the suction extracts all the water and dirt with it. The waste is removed completely from the tile and taken away to the extraction machine where it runs through a filter and then directed down the sewerage system. The result is a fresh clean finish to the tiles and grout.
This system is ideal for domestic and commercial premises. It works fantastic in kitchens, dining areas, hallways, bar areas, restaurants; in fact anywhere there is tiled surfaces that receive high or consistent levels of use.

When Should I Get My Tiles Cleaned?

As a general rule, high volume traffic areas will need cleaning more regularly. If you notice, however, that your tiles are dirty or dull, even after you’ve cleaned them properly yourself, then it is time to call Morgans. And you shouldn’t put it off! The sooner Morgans come and clean your tiles the better the result will be. In any case, when Morgans attend to provide you with a quote, our experienced staff can discuss the traffic and use your tiles receive and recommend a regular cleaning pattern to maintain the quality and freshness of your tiles.

So if you have tried everything in your power to keep your tiles clean and you are still not satisfied, call Morgans Group and we will arrange for an obligation free quotation and assessment for your tiled areas.

When Should I Get My Tiles Cleaned?