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Morgans Group Carpet Cleaning Division has grown to be one of Australia’s best known and respected carpet cleaning services. The Carpet Cleaning Division has been the flagship of our company in recent years and we pride ourselves on being Canberra’s most recognised carpet cleaning company. This is largely due to the fact that we provide customers with fantastic results and great value for money.

Growing from strength to strength every year, our increasing fleet offers flexibility and reliability for our valued customers. With nine truck mount carpet cleaning vans in operation, clients can be sure that Morgans Group can accommodate any carpet cleaning demand in the Canberra region.

Morgans Group is constantly researching and investing in the latest technology for carpet cleaning machinery and equipment. In the past three years, we have invested in five brand new vans and machines totalling more than $400,000. A further $30,000 per annum is invested in ongoing training for all of our qualified staff to ensure we are delivering the best possible service and value for money to our customers.

Further to our truck mount fleet, we have five fully qualified technicians to carry out our environmentally sustainable low-moisture cleaning system outlined in detail below.

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Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

In the unregulated carpet cleaning industry, anyone can operate a carpet cleaning business without any recognised training and without any particular skill set or experience. The ACCI TransparentMany of these unqualified and unskilled carpet cleaners offer a cheaper price to gain entry into a home or business. With a cheaper price, they spend less time on your carpets which leads to a lower standard in the finished result.

The stark comparison is:

• A splash and dash operator who offers a cheaper price and who can cause long term damage to valuable carpets; or

• A fully certified technician, formally trained and qualified by examination, who meets the Australian standards as a minimum requirement.

Make no mistake, carpet cleaning is a science which requires skill and expertise that can only be obtained through formal training. Morgans Group offers carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians who are certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) and who clean to the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZ S:3733- 1995.

Carpets are considered an investment and if they are not maintained correctly then an unnecessary expense can be realised when carpets need replacing prematurely. Our goal is simple; to make carpets look good, feel great, stay odour free and be as sanitary as possible which ultimately assists in a long life from the investment.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Since the company was founded, in 1978, steam cleaning is what we have built our business on. As such, we use the best of truck mount machinery and cutting edge carpet cleaning detergents to achieve the results that our customers have come to expect.

Pre-vacuuming of the carpets is a very important stage of the carpet cleaning process which is generally carried out by the client (unless they specifically ask for us to do this for them). Carpet soils are generally made up by 70% dry soils which readily vacuum out using a powerful vacuum cleaner, with a powerhead, and the correct vacuuming technique. Having this stage of the cleaning done incorrectly can impede on the cleaning results and so we highly recommend that you request your carpets be pre-vacuumed by our qualified technician.

Mor-Clean (Sustainable Low Moisture Cleaning System)

The technology in carpet cleaning is changing at a rapid pace due to the worlds concerns with environmental impact. Mor-Clean is a low-moisture carpet cleaning system which uses up to 85% less water than conventional steam cleaning, has no waste water to dispose of and uses a fraction of the energy to power the machinery.

This technology differs greatly compared to removing the soils via hot water extraction or by transfer of the soils onto the bonnet pads of conventional dry cleaning methods.

Mor-Clean relies heavily on a thorough pre-vacuum to remove the dry soils from the carpet. This is the most crucial stage of the Mor-Clean. The Mor-Clean solution is then applied to the carpets using an electric sprayer and immediately dispersed through the carpet by rotary agitation using the correct brush/pad combination for maximum cleaning efficiency. Using nano-technology, the detergent penetrates the remaining soils and oils and encapsulates them into a slippery polymer which is left behind and will continue to encase and solidify for the following 24-48hrs. The remaining soils, now broken down into particles, are not visible to the naked eye yet are suspended in the polymer and readily vacuumed out on the next scheduled vacuum.

Carpet Protection

These days, many carpets are protected by the factory in the construction process. These protections are baked on during the manufacturing process and provide excellent durability and long lasting carpet. As these protections begin to wear off, however, it is advised to reapply a protection to give the factory protection a boost to its ability to guard against heavy soiling and stains.

To achieve this, protection is applied once the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned. When applied, the product adds a microscopic layer of polymer to the carpet. The carpet protection will assist in repelling stains from the carpet and ensure an easier and more effective clean up should the need arise.

The benefits of carpet protection include:

• assistance with soil removal during every day vacuuming;

• aiding in quick removal of spills from everyday living (if following our spot cleaning guide);

• making the carpet more resistant to oil and water based stains;

• allowing carpet to resist more acid dyes in many common foods and beverages (excluding spills containing excessive acid dyes e.g. curry, mustard, herbal tea, etc.)

It is recommended that carpet protection is reapplied every 12- 18 months to ensure maximum protection efficiency. Find out more about our carpet cleaning service by contacting our office to arrange an obligation free quotation.

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